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Favourite Blushes ♡

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I thought I’d get my favourite blushes and show you all  why I love them so much! This post was going to be a joint post with my favourite bronzers but I didn’t want this to be super long so I decided against it.  My blushes consist of high end as well as more pharmacy ‘drugstore’ blushes. I received a comment on my last post that requested a few swatches of my newest addition: Clarins Prodige blush. I won’t really comment much on the Clarins blush, as my last post went well in depth. However, I thought I’d just sneakily slide in some swatches so you can (hopefully) see the pigmentation. I’m sorry about the quality of my photos. I try and get it the best I can. I don’t have a professional camera by any means and am just getting by on my trusty olde iPhone.

If you haven’t seen my last post, check it out now, before you read this one :)..x


1: Bourjois Blush: Golden Rose

2: Bourjois Blush: Jasper Rose

3. Essence: Adorable

4: M.A.C: Coygirl

5: NARS: Orgasm



1 & 2: These Bourjois blushes (I unsure if they have any particular name or not) are so pretty and smell amazing! They literally have a perfumed scent and their pigmentation is really good. The texture of these are so velvety and smooth. These were two of the first blushes I ever bought myself and contributed to how I felt towards blush and initiated my obsession. Hehe. RRP (in Australia): $20 

3: This essence blush is so good, especially for the price. Heaps of pigmentation and doesn’t come off chalky at all. Adored is the prettiest pink. RRP: (in Australia): $2.99

4: Coygirl is a Sheertone MAC blush. It’s definitely a shade that would suit those with cool undertones. Sometimes if you look at the pan from the right (maybe wrong) angle, it looks quite purple. It looks good with any kind of makeup look  and the formulation is beautiful. It’s quite matte with no kind of glitter or sparkle in it whatsoever and lets not forget how totes adorbes the packaging is. eeeeeeek RRP (in Australia): $25.00

5: Orgasm is such a raved about blush. It’s definitely earned its respect. Beautiful tone, glitterly gold flecks run throughout. Looks beautiful if applied as a normal blush or very lightly as a blush/highlight. RRP (in Australia): $35-39.

6, 7 & 8: Clarins Swatches: Refer to previous post…x


Bourjois up close my favs


‘Drugstore’ swatches


Up close with the Clarins swatches

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First Impressions ♡

Hi there!

Today I made a rash decision to purchase a new blush. I’ve definitely acquired a popular taste for blush – something I have never really had in the past. Blushes never really used to phase me nor did I ever think they were an essential beauty product. Having continued to experiment with make-up I have found how wrong I was. Blush puts a beautiful healthy glow back into your face once you’ve applied your foundation. I never quite understood the point of blush and why it even existed as the whole rationale of wearing/applying foundation was to cover up redness/imperfections. I didn’t understand why then people chose to put these undesirable tones back onto your face. I can’t believe this was even a thought of mine. Blush is now one of my favourite beauty products and my new Clarins addition has confirmed exactly why.


I have only applied this once and thought instead of waiting until I have used this blush a little so I can review it, I should do a first impressions post – for an outlet of my excitement.


The colour I decided to purchase is called Soft Peach – 02. It was a hard decision but I have a few pink toned blushes and thought I’d test the waters and go for a peach toned one. There were dark bronze tones but as I was indecisive I kind of went with the happy-medium. The colour is beautiful and photos don’t do it justice (especially my photos… sorry about the poor quality I only use my iPhone). It is in a beautiful gold case and comes with a cute red velvet pouch. Inside accompanying the blush is a small blush brush and a mirror. I have only used my own brush to apply it – Sedona Lace Large Angled Contour Brush 850. I honestly don’t think the little brush would be very good for applying blush, might be if used to contour. The colour is sweet and classy. It does have a little bit of shimmer probably enough that you wouldn’t need to wear a highlight over the top. The texture is definitely buildable so you can put as much or as little on as you want, making it very adaptable to a range of skin tones.


I went into the store with the intention of buying an Elizabeth Arden blush. My aunty bought one a few weeks ago and I couldn’t stop staring at it (I know I’m a freak). It was so pretty and as much as I’m a sucker for beauty products in general I can never turn down anything so appealing to the eye. The Clarins blush caught my eye as I was checking out the Elizabeth Arden cosmetics and I’m very glad it did.




If anyone wants a more in depth review once I’ve actually used the blush just leave me a comment. I’d also love to hear what you think of this beautiful blush if you are lucky enough to own it.

Thanks for reading ♡


Naked 2 Palette | ♡

Hi there! Subsequent to my last review, here’s my thoughts on my favourite Naked palette by UD: Naked 2!


The Naked 2 case is quite different to the first! UD neglected the velvet finish and went for a chic nude pink tin. I prefer this exterior as I think it looks much more sophisticated and it is so much easier to clean/doesn’t look as disheveled from normal wear and tear.


This palette is definitely more cool toned in comparison to the original Naked palette. I find this palette easier to create both day and night looks with. This is soley my opinion because I’ve read many reviews of which feel the original Naked palette is much easier to work with. The original palette has a lot of warmer toned shades (some quite bold) that can create an intense smokey eye look. The Naked 2 shades are consistent with the original Naked palette in that the eye shadows are beautifully pigmented, smooth and extremely blend-able.


1. Foxy: Matte off-white shade. Looks slightly yellow toned. Goes really nice as a base colour. My eyelids are quite pigmented and I feel like this shade actually adapts to the colouring of my skin/eye tone.

2. Half Baked: Beautiful warm gold/bronze shade. So pigmented and such a striking colour. I love putting this towards the inner corners of my eyes for that pop of colour.

3. Bootycall: My go-to shade in this palette, especially for a day-look. I love patting this all over the lid; gives off a beautiful sheen light pink colour. I use this to highlight under my brow bone also. I need to find out if you can buy this shade by itself. Does anyone out there know? I’ll probably have to hit up Google.

4. Chopper: Copper shade, very very shimmery like Half Baked. Really beautiful colour, reminds me of Autumn. I use this when I want to create a brown smokey eye.

5. Tease: A watered down mauve colour. This is my favourite colour to place in the crease of my eye. I think it looks beautiful and is great to achieve a smokey eye that isn’t dramatic or intense. This colour is great for blending out hard lines and is very buildable.

6. Snakebite: The names of these shades are so rad. Snakebite is a dark bronze colour. Very pigmented and very shimmery.

7. Suspect: Like a few notches down from Snakebite. It’s more of a grey based bronze-brown. Definitely a more natural version of Snakebite.

8. Pistol: A grey-blue shade. Unique and classy, reminds me of Gunmetal from the original Naked palette. Just a more neutral version.

9. Verve: Beautiful light white/silver shade. More of a dramatic highlighter (depending on how much you use). I love applying this to the inner corners of my eyes (tear ducts) to give the impression of big, bright eyes.

10. YDK: I love the look of this shade, but have rarely incorporated it into many looks. I need to invest some time into making this colour work for me. It’s quite pigmented when I swatch it on my hand, but for some reason the colour pay off on my eye isn’t even nearly as good! Does anyone have any tips in making this colour work at all? Or is this just a little idiosyncrasy of mine? Hehe. This shade is as shimmery as Chopper and Half Baked, but more pink toned.

11. Busted: This and Tease are my favourites to complete a smokey eye look. I have been really into using different shades of purples and greys instead of blacks and blues. This is exceptionally pigmented. A little goes a long way! For a more neutral look you only need to quickly dab an eye brush in being really careful not to pick up too much product.

12. Blackout: Matte black shade. Very dark black, not even borderline grey based. The name literally says it all. Blackout.


I don’t know what it is about all these colours, but I swear that no matter how quick, rough or scrappy I apply these, they always turn out amazing! The colour pay off is worth every penny you spend on the palette. Extremely long lasting – especially when paired with a primer and definitely worth the rave. I personally believe the original Naked palette has a more dramatic set of neutral colours – but still neutrals none the less. Naked 2 however, is probably a more convenient and true neutral palette. It’s hard to split the two in terms of my favourite but I believe this one just pips the post!

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Naked Palettes | Urban Decay ♡

Hey there!

I’ve been very keen to upload my two holy grail make up products – the Naked Palettes! Urban Decay made two amazing palettes that have been used by many of us make-up lovers around the world! The craze with these gorgeous palettes was insane. Everytime I turned to watch a make-up tutorial or to sit down and relax whilst reading a blog, sure enough the Naked eyeshadow palettes would always happen to make an appearance. I’m excited to be a little sheep and follow the trend of reviewing these babies! Hopefully it’s not a bore for those of you who have already seen and read an influx of these reviews and hopefully this will be of some use to those of you who haven’t yet seen/heard of this little beaut!
Without further ado lets get into it!

Naked Palette (the Original): Urban Decay


The exterior of this Naked palette is a velvety chocolate brown! Very sophisticated and something different to any other palette I have owned. It tends to get noticeably dirty quite quickly just because of the velvet covering! Easily forgivable..

Naked Swatches


All these shades are to die for! They are so pigmented, it’s ridiculous. I only dipped my finger in once and you get so much product off the one swatch! The Naked palettes are known widely for their extensive range of neutral colours and as one of the main reasons I adore both these palettes is because I’m a neutral lover. These neutrals are quite shimmery, some more than others. There is only two matte shades in this palette: Naked and Buck.


Naked 1: Breakdown of the shades

1. Virgin: One of my favourite shades in this palette, Virgin! A very pale frosty pink colour. Perfect neutral – beautiful all over the lid when you’re not up for a dramatic eye look! Also nice for highlighting the brow bone.

2. Sin: A champagne pink colour, also one of my favourites. I’m a sucker for neutral pink eye shadows… ehhh.

3. Naked: This one is a matte soft medium brown. The texture of this shade is so silky smooth it’s amazing!

4. Sidecar: A shimmery bronze shade with a slight pink base. The colour definitely comes off more brown toned than pink but the pink impression it gives through it’s shimmery flecks is gorgeous.

5. Buck: I see Buck as being a darker shade of Naked. Both beautiful matte browns, Buck is a darker version of Naked and both have the same beautiful silky smooth texture.

6. Half Baked: This gold tone compliments brown eyes. It’s kind of a coppery bronze colour and the colour payoff on the eyelid (like all the Naked palette shades) is amazing.

7. Smog: This shade kind of reminds me of Half Baked, it has the same high shimmer payoff but is quite the bit darker. It is a dark brown/grey frosted shade.

8. Dark Horse: Frosted chocolate brown shade. (Is anyone else craving chocolate frosting?) Haha!

9. Toasted: Toasted is shimmery dark pink shade. Looks like it almost has a brown coloured undertone.

10. Hustle: This colour is one of my favourites to incorporate into a smokey eye! Something different rather than reaching for a black to create the look. It’s a very dark plum shade with of course, shimmery flecks throughout.

11. Creep: Such an unusual shade, one that I have not really seen before! It’s a blue-black shade with perhaps silver flecks throughout, I love this colour but kind of forget to use it.

12. Gunmetal: This shade is very smouldering. It’s a beautiful blue-grey metallic shade. Very unique.

Naked 1: More swatches!


The Naked 1 palette also comes with a cute little one ended brush. Handy when you are travelling with make-up and don’t want to take your whole collection of make-up brushes with you on your adventures. It gets to be quite the inconvenience. I’ve been using the Urban Decay Primer Potion for nearly one year now and love it to death. Works brilliantly with these palettes and any other palettes! If anyone has any recommendations on a primer for me to use next I’d love to hear your thoughts so hit me up! The price for these palettes is $60 here in Australia which is on the expensive side. Considering the quality and the value for money (12 eye shadows for $60) there’s definitely nothing I can complain about! I don’t want to make this post super long and rant on more than I already have so I’ve decided to review Naked 2 in my next post.

Thanks so much for reading!

Liana… x

Make-up Haul! ♡

Hi there!

Thought I’d upload a mini (kinda big actually) haul to display the lovely products I picked up. I will admit I did over indulge this week buying a few things I’ve had on my wishlist for a while now and having just finished exams these were my presents to myself. Excuses. I will most likely review these products in a few weeks once I’ve given them a good try and used them on a daily basis! Just a little disclaimer: I did go a bit cray cray in MAC. I had a Gift Voucher from my birthday at the start of the year that was for $60. Once I was done with the voucher I just couldn’t stop! Department store mark up will be the death of me.. They definitely know how to take your money and I’m definitely way too willing to let it go.. Maybe it’s my problem? Who knew you could feel robbed and ecstatic all at the same time. Me, I do. Enjoy!


NARS Sheer Glow Foundation in Santa Fe: Medium 2


NARS Blush in Orgasm


NARS Blush (again) Orgasm with NARS lipgloss in Turkish Delight


MAC Paint Pot in Lets Skate (♡ the name!)


Same as per above; MAC Paint Pot in Let’s Skate. This is the prettiest shimmery pink colour I have seen, this was love at first sight for me!


From L-R: MAC Satin Lipstick in Myth; MAC Pro Longwear Concelaer in NW20; MAC Lustre Lipstick in Altered Beige. This last lipstick is part of a new MAC collection called ‘Temperature Rising’ and the soft-matte bronze packaging is part of the limited edition range. I actually love the packaging! So different!


As per above but also included is a MAC lip pencil called Naked Liner

That’s all for the moment! Hope you have enjoyed taking a peek at my purchases as much as I have enjoyed buying them!

Liana… x

Favourite Benefit Cosmetics: Review! ♡

photoMy first review post! I’m excited to share with you some of my most favourite, go-to beauty products that I use nearly everyday! I live in Australia and Benefit Cosmetics are quite pricey for us Aussie’s to buy! I have purchased some of my products from eBay sellers who sell authentic Benefit Cosmetics as well as Australian Beauty sites such as adorebeauty.

Honestly I haven’t even needed to re-purchase any of these products just because they have lasted for so long! Bonus for me! The reason I don’t mind putting in the extra money for a high-quality brand is that they end up lasting a lifetime (this is my first of many excuses to come). Anyway, let’s get onto it!

1. Hoola Bronzer: I’m sure that this will be the millionth time you’ve seen a review on this bronzer or the millionth time you’ve heard this product being raved about! I’ll tell you now, this is for good reason! I love this bronzer so much, it is 100% my favourite bronzer I have tried. It is has an amazing formulation and is perfect for contouring. It is the best brown toned bronzer I’ve come across. This bronzer has no displeasing orange/yellow tone to it, it is completely matte brown. There’s nothing better than a soft matte bronzer, I prefer matte bronzer rather than anything with a bit of shimmer in it. Normally the blush or the highlighter is more than adequate in providing a nice fresh glow to the face and when your shimmery bronzer is paired with a highlighter you will probably be reppin’ a disco ball. This bronzer has lasted me so long I am yet to hit pan!!

2. Lip Plump: This product is not to be confused with products that are actual lip plumps! To me, this is a nude lip primer, used to help with the longevity of your lipstick! In no way does it seem to actually create any more fullness of your lips! This primer is quite pigmented in that if you put a little too much on, whatever lip colour you put over it will actually come out slightly altered. I like to mix lipsticks with this primer to create a new colour. If you put right amount on is primer definitely helps lipstick last long and I’ve often used the primer alone with a pink/nude gloss over top (on those lazy days haha).

3. Ooh La Lift: This product is used as a brightener! You can dab it under your eyes with the want and lightly pat it in to really brighten up that under eye area. I think it is a really beautiful nude pink colour that adds a little brightness to your over all look. It honestly doesn’t create a huge difference, but if you’re someone who doesn’t have dark under eye circles and don’t need much to help cover them and brighten them up then I would definitely recommend this! This was my first brightening product because I’m not someone with dark under eye circles. It moisturises the area and the packaging is super cute. If you have high expectations that this product will do wonders you will be disappointed. It works great as a basic, simple, eye brightener but probably nothing more!

4. The POREfessional: This is a very very popular face primer; every make-up lover owns this – it’s a beaut! I was really worried about this product when I first tried it because it had been raved about so much and I was scared it would let down and I’d be the one person in the whole world not to appreciate this product the way everyone else does. The first few times I actually tried this, didn’t like it. It is a balm so it applies kind of awkward until you get used to it! It has a matte, slightly satin kind of finish and it really does what it says! It is renowned for minimising the look of large pores and I can guarantee you, this works for me. I focus this product around my nose area where I have a larger concentration of visible pores and it smooths over them and makes the make-up you apply over the top flawless. This primer makes my make-up last all day and works really well with oily skin. On the downside, this primer is super expensive. I’ve learnt to only focus this on certain parts of my face instead of applying it all over – the tube starts to run out fairly quickly if you don’t use it wisely. My next beauty move will be to try the Smashbox face primer – apparently one of the world’s best primer’s. Similar in price to the POREfessional.

5. Moonbeam: Moonbeam is a liquid highlighter, it has a little brush (similar to a nail polish brush) that you use to smooth onto areas of your face you want to add a fresh shine to. This product works nice with olive skin tones in comparison to Highbeam (another Benefit highlighting product) and is nice when applied with a stippling brush and buffed into the skin. This is definitely not my favourite highlighter however, I’m still acquiring a taste for liquid highlighters. I much prefer my Mineralise Skinfinish by MAC in Soft ‘n’ Gentle (ahhhhhhh). The way I’ve loved applying this product is to mix it in with a semi-matte foundation to give a nice dewy finish to the skin.

6. BADgal mascara: The rave that went on with this mascara was 100% the reason I bought it! The hype was absolutely crazy. Every YouTube beauty guru I watched called this their holy grail mascara; yes I’m talking about you Nicole Guerrerio (not that she is ever going to read this). So the only thing left to do was to go and also buy this holy grail mascara keeping my fingers crossed that this too would be an essential of mine. I loved this mascara for the first week and a half I wore it. I wore it every day for just under two weeks and it honestly started to look different every time I put it on. I was so confused as to why, then I realised this mascara was drying out super fast! I don’t know if I did something to hinder the rapid drying process but this mascara was drying up faster than I could comprehend. I was pretty sad about it and attempted to help revive it by adding some Saline Solution that I use for my contact lenses into the tube of mascara (it didn’t work). I liked this mascara when it worked on me, but was of really no use once it dried up. *cue violin*

7. BADgal eyeliner: This eyeliner is very very black! Pigmentation is very good it is a true black eyeliner! I don’t use eyeliner on a day-to-day basis, but when I go out I like applying this to my water line and tight line. It definitely gives a more dramatic look and I think it works nice when you smudge it out on the lash line of the eyelid. The lasting power on this isn’t amazing though, I’ve found it wears off quickly on the waterline. For the same kind of price it’s best to purchase a MAC eyepencil. I don’t really mind too much as the only occasion I really wear this is going out clubbing and all my make-up ends up pretty ratchet by the end of the night. This is probably the least used Benefit product of mine!

I better wrap it up there, I hope you’ve enjoyed my opinions on these products. Benefit is one of my favourite cosmetic lines. They have high-quality products that can be really worth the money. I’ve brought these products over the duration of a few months, as collecting them rather than impulsively splurging in the one shot doesn’t hurt the purse as much!

Thanks for reading!

Liana… x

Benefit with Benefit Cosmetics




My first blog post! ♡

Alright… Here it goes.

Welcome to my blog!

I have been wanting to set up my own blog for a very long time now and having just finished another Trimester of University I’m feeling inspired, creative and ready to take the plunge. I love make-up and beauty products and feel like a blog is the perfect platform to share my passion with other like-minded people.

My beauty collection is growing quite rapidly and sharing my addiction with anyone who reads my blog will hopefully help act as a justification for my expensive past-time. From avidly watching beauty guru’s on YouTube and beauty bloggers here on the internet, the inspiration gained from them has surpassed the lazy disposition I have to one day start a blog. Today is my day and I’m super excited to share my honest opinions with anyone who visits my blog and hopefully my reviews are helpful.

I don’t have a ridiculous amount of make-up; but the reviews I will do will be on the products that I am very fortunate to have. I love hearing what other people think of certain products and am very open to recommendations! In fact- I get so excited about products that other people love I almost always go out and buy them straight away. I just can’t help it. It must be a disease.

Beauty will be the main focus of my blog but I love fashion and skincare and will try to intertwine all my l♡ves into the one forum.

I hope you enjoy my thoughts and opinions; let us all relish in our one commonality. All things beautiful.

Liana… x